How would you like to be a part of a community where the stores you shop  give a portion of what you spend back to the community and the community gives a portion of what it receives from the store back to you?

Anthony Rice


How would you like to be a part of a community where you can be a stock holder (owner) in some of the business that takes place in your community, which provides you  the opportunity to generate unearned income/wealth?

If you answered YES! to either of these questions, you are in the right place!

We provide a systematic approach for implementing Black Community Economic Empowerment (BCEE) projects.

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of this spiritual and intellectual movement, 


Read about some of our results:

Charlotte, NC

On Jun 19, 2017, at 8:30 AM, Green, Jeff wrote:

Happy Monday all,

I wanted to update the admin team on the progress of our BEES pilot project. Anthony's brilliant idea to have a booth at the Juneteenth festival proved invaluable. Please note the attached list of people who signed up to be community participants and want to be involved in further conversations about the project. Yvonne can you please create a data base titled BEES Community Participant Pilot Project House of Africa

We had two incredible days . Some of our conversations went 35 minutes ,some an hour, and some came back two and three times to discuss.

Thanks to Tony Pearl, Brenda Robinson, Shamika Satterwaite, Jon Putman who came and worked the booth.

We had a great time and made a lot of progress. I have offers to appear on two radio shows to discuss BEES. I met with CV strategic partners like Judge Fulton who is a great friend, Pap the owner of the house of Africa, etc.

I hope to reschedule our second PCM class this Saturday, 6-24-2017, 12 noon. My house, food served.

Thanks all,
Jeffrey L. Green


BEES goes Global

BEES are on the move! The Bahamas are buzzing with this new project.

L to R: Darial Smith (of the BEES West Palm Beach project), Alexandria Lindsay-Collie (a prominent attorney of Nassau, Bahamas) and Anthony Rice Jr., (President of Economic Empowerment Services, Inc) meet in Nassau about the implementation of BEES. Find out how your knowledge and resources can generate wealth for you and all involved on August 4, 2018, in Charlotte, NC, or via the  link on our 'EVENTS' page. 

"BEES is like the blueprint for Black community economic empowerment."

That is what a member of an organization said after hearing a Black Economic Empowerment System presentation.

We at Economic Empowerment Services, Inc., have designed our training to help make that quote a true statement. In order to apply BEES as a blueprint for your own Black Community Economic Empowerment (BCEE) project we have provided two types of training, and they are:


  1. The Profit Consulting Methodology (a prerequisite to training #2)

  2. The Black Economic Empowerment System

If you go to it will explain the opportunities that are available once you become a Certified Profit Consulting Methodology Expert. However, there are additional opportunities once you become a Certified Black Economic Empowerment System Expert. For example, you can get paid to manage or consult on multiple "Black Community Economic Empowerment" (BCEE) projects, plus as you become more experienced you can get paid to lecture, teach, present and more.

Business Team

Our system was devised knowing that there can be 4 primary challenges for Black Economic Empowerment Projects:

  1. They try to empower on too large a scale. Therefore creating a vast difference between goals and objectives, which breaks down the cohesiveness needed to empower.

  2. They do not clearly define economic empowerment as it relates to the project. Thereby creating multiple unrelated focal points which breaks down the cohesiveness needed to empower.

  3. They create a system that a large number of people contribute to (time, money and other resources), but only a few benefit.

  4. There is an inherited lack of trust that exists.

Our system's solution to counter the 4 primary challenges, respectively:

  1. You must empower at the community level first. There you will find more common goals and objectives. The next step is to find common denominators between multiple communities to expand the empowerment on a larger scale.

  2. Each community must define economic empowerment in their own terms, and set their own goals and objectives, hence, creating a unified vision.

  3. A cyclical system must be created where resources are entered, wealth is generated, a percentage of the wealth is distributed back to the people within the community, and the remainder is reinvested.

  4. The system must be totally transparent and easy to comprehend.

We have applied a fraction of the Economic Empowerment System to our business for almost 20 years. The main reason our company applied it was because we were unable to get financing from financial institutions. As a result, we created a cyclical economic empowerment system that involved 3 entities - our clients, our company and our private investors; it should be noted that this system has allowed our business to generate millions of dollars and successfully take on multi-million dollar projects.

Economic Empowerment Systems are in large demand.  They are virtually an untapped market which means you will be in large demand once we teach you our approach!

The Black Economic
Empowerment System (BEES)

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How to Economically Empower a Black Community

From the times of Emancipation, Reconstruction, the Jim Crow era, the Civil Rights Era, and now this "Post-Racial" Era, the sustainable and economic rise of African Americans have been at best unavailable for the masses. There have been systems in place to block or hinder African-American progress and it appears that in our current polarized political climate, now more than ever, is the time to create and generate systems that work for all of us. The Black Economic Empowerment System (BEES) is that very system that puts the economic failures of the African-American community in the past — forever.

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Online Training

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  • The Application of the Black Economic Empowerment System

  • The Question and Answer Session

Message Board

Global Black Media (including TV, Podcast/Radio, Theater, Print and more) platform will be launched 2018.  It is time to own and control our media.  We have the resources (Black media experts) and Economic Empowerment Services (EES) has the systematic approach to make this happen.  EES' system will insure that all involved are mutually benefited, and that all relevant activities and resources are totally transparent, to help confirm what is written is done!  More information on how you can become a part of this project is coming soon.


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